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Various ‎– Steel Night 29.11.01 – 4x CD Boxset


Various ‎– Steel Night 29.11.01
Hinoeuma the Malediction live event/Stigma Festival
Label:Cold Spring ‎– CSR50CD
Format:4 × CD
Box Set, Limited Edition Country:
Aug 2003Genre:
ElectronicStyle:Industrial, Noise, Experimental

Death In June
1-1–Death In June Ku Ku Ku
1-2–Death In June Smashed To Bits (In The Peace Of The Night)
1-3–Death In June The Enemy Within
1-4–Death In June All Pigs Must Die
1-5–Death In June Tick Tock
Von Thronstahl
2-1–Von Thronstahl This Is Europe, Not L.A. / Das Neue Reich
2-2–Von Thronstahl Imperium Internum
2-3–Von Thronstahl Kristall-Kristur (Love, Serve)
2-4–Von Thronstahl Under The Mask Of Humanity
2-5–Von Thronstahl Bells
2-6–Von Thronstahl Curfew / Stay In Your Homes
2-7–Von Thronstahl Heimaterde, Mutterboden, Vaterland
2-8–Von Thronstahl Sturmzeit
2-9–Von Thronstahl Ruecke Vor Bis Zur Schlossallee
The Days Of The Trumpet Call
3-1–The Days Of The Trumpet Call Nun Dankett Alle Gott
3-2–The Days Of The Trumpet Call A Dream
3-3–The Days Of The Trumpet Call (To) The Masters Of Decay
3-4–The Days Of The Trumpet Call Satan’s Trick
3-5–The Days Of The Trumpet Call Crusade
3-6–The Days Of The Trumpet Call Kein Friede (There Shall Be No Peace…)
Folkstorm Vs Mz. 412
4-1–Mz.412 vs. Folkstorm Invok: Satha 412.71 / Breed For Me
4-2–Mz.412 vs. Folkstorm Legija
4-3–Mz.412 vs. Folkstorm Komuni: Disciple 824.9 KX
4-4–Mz.412 vs. Folkstorm Hail The Queen
4-5–Mz.412 vs. Folkstorm Noisient
4-6–Mz.412 vs. Folkstorm Genetic States Of Europe
4-7–Mz.412 vs. Folkstorm Untitled
4-8–Mz.412 vs. Folkstorm Exit
4-9–Mz.412 vs. Folkstorm When Folkstorm Comes To Town…

All tracks recorded live at Stigma Festival 2001.
Mastered at Ideal Studios, London 2002/2003.

Limited edition four-disc box set of 1,500 copies, with each disc in its own cardboard slipcase. Includes a poster with photos from the event and further information.

Recorded at Hinoeuma the Malediction/Hagshadow Stigma Fest London 2001